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Deodorizing Services

Accidents will happen from time to time with your beloved pets. You donít want those accidents to affect the value of your Santa Clarita, CA home, but those pet urine stains in carpet and that pet odor could drive down the value of your Newhall, CA home. You donít want prospective buyers to stop by the Stevenson Ranch, CA property, get a whiff of Tiger or Fluffy and keep right on walking. Nor do you want your friends to come over and smell the fact that a dog or cat lives here in Saugus, CA.

You really canít blame your pet. Itís just doing what comes natural. Cats spray when theyíre scared or feel threatened, like if thereís another cat around. Itís the crystals in the cat urine that dry and start to stink. Dogs are a little different, but the urine stains they leave are just as bad.

You need American Carpet Cleaning for all your pet urine odor removal needs. American Carpet Cleaning gets rid of pet urine smell in carpet using the most environmentally appropriate techniques and equipment, and youíll pay the best prices for us to get rid of that cat urine odor. Youíre better off letting a professional pet urine stain remover come over to Valencia, CA or Castaic, CA and do the job because household products or special enzyme cleaners could simply mask the pet odor, not remove the pee-pee stain in carpet, and leave discoloration on your carpet or area rug. Some homemade cleaning efforts could actually attract more dirt, and your beautiful Chinese or silk area rug, or your brand-new, recently installed carpet, will have a dark spot.

Furthermore, if you have serious damage to your carpet, floorboards, backing or sub-floor, we will replace it. We guarantee to remove all pet odors in carpet on recommended service. If skunks are the problem, weíll handle their odor, too.

Donít let embarrassing pet urine smells affect you. Donít let your Canyon Country, CA property or Sylmar, CA home suddenly become an unhealthy indoor environment. Call American Carpet Cleaning to solve your cat urine problems.

Our deodorizers are Nontoxic, Nonflammable, Non-corrosive, and even Ozone safe, to remove common odors like:
Deodorizing Services
  Pet smells,
  Musty odors and more..

Deodorizing Services

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