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Furniture Cleaning
Our technicians are experts in cleaning nearly all types of upholstery fabric, including difficult to clean materials, such as jacquard, velvet and Haitian cotton. Each item is carefully inspected to provide the most effective and safest cleaning method to extend the life of your furnishings.   Furniture Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

American Carpet Cleaning gives Santa Clarita CA residents the deepest upholstery cleaning at the best upholstery cleaning prices.  Most people underestimate the amount of dirt and allergens in their furniture. We don’t. We offer the most professional upholstery cleaning service because our IICRC-trained and –certified technicians are the most professional upholstery cleaners. The most important aspect of upholstery cleaning is identifying the fabric. So when we visit your Canyon Country CA condominium or your Stevenson Ranch CA palatial estate, we come with the knowledge that car upholstery cleaning differs from suede upholstery cleaning, which differs from silk upholstery cleaning. Only after identifying the fabric do we devise the best upholstery cleaning solution and use the best upholstery cleaning methods. This might be hot water extraction or dry cleaning upholstery. We won’t know until we get arrive at your Sylmar CA dwelling, that Saugus CA corner office or that fancy car in your Valencia CA garage and test it out. But we guarantee that once we finish, your clean upholstery will be free of damaging residues that could cause allergies or quick resoiling. American Carpet Cleaning also guarantees that we’ll perform the upholstery cleaning correctly the first time on recommended service or we’ll return and clean it again free of charge.

We recommend returning to your Castaic CA home or Newhall CA office for our professional upholstery cleaning service every 12-18 months, or earlier if your furniture dirties sooner. And by furniture we mean not only sofas or loveseats or tapestries. American Carpet Cleaning accomplishes professional upholstery cleaning in boats, motorhomes, busses, trucks, those crushed velvet upholstery seats in that pink Cadillac – even office dividers. If there’s fabric on it, we’ll clean it.

And we’ll clean it best, so don’t hire an uncertified worker or try to clean upholstery yourself. Overwetting upholstery is the one of the worse actions taken. It causes mildew or, worse, irreparably damages the furniture. If you accidentally wet any metal parts, they might rust. Finally, a nonprofessional certainly doesn’t know s-rated from u-rated furniture and the best upholstery cleaning methods for each. American Carpet Cleaning does. So, let American Carpet Cleaning be your professional upholstery cleaner of choice for all of Santa Clarita CA and surrounding areas.


We also provide FREE pick-up and delivery, take-down and re-installation of your draperies.

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